Trapped in her ways
Trapped in her ways trapped stories

aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Broken girl

Trapped in her ways

If you take one look at her you would think she is okay and she is normal.

She smiles like she has never been broken.

She walks like she has a team behind her so strong.

She laughs as if she is the happiest.

She looks well put together, but....

there is one thing.

She is not as well put together, happy, or strong as everyone thinks.

It is almost like the tip of the iceberg.

Everyone sees what is above the surface, but not what is underneath.

Truth is she is submerged completely under water.

She drowns in her demons, her old bad habits, and her past.

They pull her down like she is in shackles and impossible to get away.

She tries to come up for air,but she is drowning.

She is broken.

She lives in the fear of her past.

She is scared to move forward.

She does not know how.

Instead she is comfortable underwater.

She is so numb and trapped in her own ways the best she can do is lay there submerged completely underwater looking at the life she has now.

With nobody who knows or understands, living underwater seems to be like her home.

The voices from the demons always making her mind loud, the rage and anger always ready to explode, no energy because she is too sad or depressed, and in the end not feeling good enough or like she deserves this life.

For now she is underwater trying to come out of her old ways of thinking, her reactions, trying to be free from her horrible past.

She is trying to swim to the surface because she deserves love, she deserves life, she deserves a new beginning, and she deserves to be free of her demons and this trapped life after all of these years.

For now she remains underwater, but we will see if she decides to break free.

She is drowning with all of her broken pieces, but one day she will be saved.

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