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Too tired

Too tired

I'm too tired. I feel like everything is overwhelming.

If it's not one things it's another.

When things begin to get really good I know there will be some chaos following a few steps behind.

I do the same thing and the same routine over and over again.

I'm so tired. My body is weak, my mind is burnt, my motivation is low. Sometimes I feel I am too tired to even care, but somehow I keep pushing through.

Sometimes I think to myself when will this all end? Is it all worth it?

Is all of this hard work going to pay off?

Am I going to earn a degree ? Work with little ones that I am passionate about? Am I going to get married? Am I going to have a family? Will I get pregnant soon? Is something going to happen to me or to the ones I love? What does the future look like for me?

Thoughts thoughts and thoughts seem to flood my mind and it all makes me tired. When I am working my mind is pushing 100 percent. When I am helping others I tend to cut myself short by forgetting about myself. When I am supposed to rest I am thinking and worrying about the past or the future and I drift away from the present moments.

I'm tired and I'm tired of feeling weak, gloomy, and depressed. I need motivation. I need a mini vacation. I need to enjoy life one way or another. I need some self-care.

Maybe go see a movie, go to a nice dinner, have a cook out with family, go visit family, have sex, bake, go for a walk, whatever I just need to do something.

I'm just too tired.

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