Too close.
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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Afraid to be close

Too close.

I don't allow people to get too close to me.

I know that life too well.

The moment I start opening up my heart or my feelings, the devil is a few steps away grinning to about what's about to happen next.

Normally I am the one left hurt for letting someone get close to me.

Normally they cut themself out of my life.

Sometimes they just simply forget me and I fade away into a memory.

Sometimes people just die.

I'm afraid to get too close to anyone.

I distance myself so I cannot be hurt.

Some people may think I am hurting myself, bottling everything up, or not being fair to myself by keeping people far away.

Honestly how am I supposed to react since everyone either leaves me anyways or I can't trust someone with my secrets, feelings, or thoughts.

I do not let people close and that is okay.

I just tell them what they need to know and that is it.

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