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This is me and some of my life and meanings of my tattoos

This is me

When I was around 18 I got my first tattoo. It was for my ex-girlfriend I deeply loved. We were in a long distance relationship. I live in Tucson, Az and she lives in El Paso, Texas. I got the tattoo to represent my prayer and love for her as she was in the Army. I do not regret her or the meaning for the tattoo. You cant see it at all but it was in the center of my chest.

When my Tia Jane passed 5.5.09 I got a tattoo to represent her releasing her soul into paradise through a butterfly.

When my Tata was diagnosed with brain cancer I got tattoos on the inner sides of each arm saying "Hope for the best Prepare for the worst."

When I was struggling with God or my higher power I got this tattoo to remind myself that my relationship may seem rocky, but through these gifts I can make it possible.

This next one is on my thigh. Going downwards it spells Family. It stands for Forget, about, me, I, love , you. Family is my rock and my everything even when I fall.

These next ones are just because I love Roses.

This is another just because I also like butterflies.

Going back to my ex from El Paso. Sadly I got into another relationship that did not last. She did not like the fact I had a tattoo for my ex. She paid for me to get a cover up for my army tattoo.

This one is for my family. A family that prays together stays together.

When my Tata passed from the aggressive brain cancer it was one exact week from my birthday 9.21.15. I got this tattoo my Tata would always say "Every Day is a gift treat it like one."

I also got this one for him. "His wings were ready, but my heart was not."

My Tata would play guitar. When his cancer was making him sick he forgot how to play. I got tattoos that represent my Tata on my arms so I wont cut. I use to be a cutter.

This next one is for my bestfriend who passed away April 11 2017. He was in an accident drinking and driving. He was a humble beautiful person. The most beautiful blue see through eyes you can imagine. The most perfect soft blonde hair. Super thin cowboy boots and super gay. He had so much love. His favorite thing was dream catcher and favorite song Gypsy.

Some people think tattoos are for looks and art, but for me I like my tattoos to have meaning and tell a story to what I have been through, the people I have come across, and the things that mean most to me.

This is me!!! 25 year old leabian who loves her family. Has been through hell and back and continues to work each day through each struggle. Has a kind heart to take the shirt off her own back just to make someone else's hell more tolerable. She tries, but is not perfect. She is human. She tries to be the best her. That her is me!

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