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aalderete55 27yrs writing caged feelings
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Meet my friend.

There is this girl

Her nickname is Kiki.

She is a really good friend.

In High School we were each other's crush and we were very different.

We both attended a Catholic High School.

I hung around the guys and would play basketball or soccer at lunch and she was quiet long hair side bangs covering over her face.

She would wear like a million beaded bracelets on her arm.

We had to wear uniform but she would wear her converse her pants low at the hip with her star belt.

Kiki was extremely short.

When you hug her if you were super tall her head would fall below your chest if you were a little taller her head would fall between your heart.

Kiki was extrememly intelligent she would help me with school if I needed it.

She was very wise, very sweet, cute, but what stuck out most of all was the way her heart glowed.

We crushed on each other shared a few kisses, but Kiki and I only remained friends.

After graduating high school we went our separate ways, we didnt talk much, we both experienced traumatic abusive relationships, and death.

It was until recently through these last months we have reconnected and started talking again as friends of course.

I am happy and beyond blessed that I can have a friend to count on.

Someone I can be vulnerable, open, and honest with.

We have had many deep emotional conversations about our lives.

What I love most about Kiki is even though we are living our own hell is that she and I both create time during the day just to say hi, how are you, hope your day is well, and I am praying for you.

I am blessed that after all these years we found each other and remained friends even better ones at that.

I love my Kiki and I am blessed to have someone with a heart like hers.

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