The reasons for why I am
The reasons for why I am  stories

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The reasons why

The reasons for why I am

I am who I am because of the things I have gone through. Some things were for the best and at times some were for the worst.

Sometimes I have trusted people who didn't deserve my love. Some people were family, friends, and lovers obviously those relationships have come to an end.

Sometimes people have lied to me and put me in uncomfortable situations. I have been thrown under the bus time after time and still manipulated for my kindness.

I have loved again and again after being hurt so many times. Most people ask me why? I always tell them life is short, people deserve chances. Even when others hurt me they get another chance and if they mess that up too maybe it is best to let them go. We are human and we only make mistakes.

Some people have chosen their religion or personal opinions over me because of my sexuality. Some times people would talk behind my back, sometimes people would alienate me, sometimes they would make me feel like I was less important for being a lesbian. Again I just loved unconditionally.

Some people I thought I loved and trusted as my friend took complete advantage of me in several ways that I cannot even understand. Through the disgusting memory I continue to grow strong and realize I am a brave woman that will continue to grow stronger each and every day.

Some people have hurt me with words they don't mean. Some people don't know how to control their anger or frustration so they tend to lash out at me.

Some people judge me with their eyes by staring at my tattoos and piercings. Some people stare with disgust, but if only they actually knew me.

With all these experiences, hurt, pain, and memories I have finally learned this is me. I am me and I love me. I have learned to be cautious with who to trust. I learned to love unconditionally because I can be a role model what it means to love. I have learned to be careful with words because you can make someone suffer and think poorly of themself.

I have learned to be humble even if I don't always understand a person or situation sometimes it is not my place to understand or to intervene, but simply be support for someone. With the painful memories that have made me feel so small I have learned to be aware of my surroundings and be careful who I let into my life.

I have learned to love, be strong, and to grow because we got one shot at life and you never know when it is your time to go.

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