The cycle
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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Cycle of my emotions

The cycle

I feel like my feelings are just a cycle.

At first they start off well and I feel untouchable with how happy I feel.

Next, things begin to get stressful and that is when little by little I begin to crack.

Finally, when I am too overwhelmed I feel pieces of me begin to fall and shatter.

Then finally, something always comes to pierce my emotions and before I know it I am completely shattered and broken.

I am left on the floor picking up the bigger pieces trying to secure them back together or at least the best they can fit.

Once there is somewhere to start, I try to recover and heal from the brokenness.

It seems like a constant cycle. So far I haven't been able to break it. Luckily I have been blessed enough to manage it and still be able to be okay.

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