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Unexpected love


Meet Taquito, Taki for short. She came to us in our lives.

At first my gf and I noticed this cute little chihuahua wandering in our yard and we just thought it was a neighborhood dog passing through.

We noticed that she was around for a few weeks coming and going as we would offer water because it was hot outside and she would wait patiently as she panted.

At this point we noticed she didnt have a home and it was a strong possibility that someone dropped her off in the neighborhood.

Taquito never let us near her or let us touch her, in fact we named her Taquito because we assumed she was a boy dog.

I got off work early about 11:30pm and as I came home there she was waiting. She was crying so we left our door opened. I sat on the ground so she wouldn't be scared.

I gave her some of my food and at that point she sat in my lap. At that very moment I felt she trusted me. I was happy. After the meal I let her back outside. She cried for 30 minutes at our door and finally we let her sleep inside.

We would let her out just in case it was someone's dog. All the neighbors say it is not their dog. So we have opened our home to this sweet chihuahua who has been abused.

She is terrified of fast movements, loud noises, hates to be left alone, but she loves to recieve love. we are willing to give her that and more.

We love our Taquito and she came in our lives when we needed something special❤

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