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aalderete55 27yrs writing caged feelings
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Soul mate


You are my soulmate I cannot deny.

Even the distance in between and miles away I can still feel the love we have for one another.

We may not be together and that's okay. You deserve to be happy and to create your own little family.

You are my soulmate I have love for you. The love lives in the memories created by me and you.

They were so perfect I will never let go. Nobody can replace you or the time we have spent through time.

Nobody can erase you I promise you my love for you can never die.

Maybe you were my angel given to me from God above.

Forever you will be my soulmate probably in the afterlife I am sure.

I miss you dearly I think about you, but I know that this is what is best. I pray for you and worry, but you got this.

I am okay, I'm doing fine, I am just pushing through. I'm keeping busy and missing you, but I know you will be okay.

Soon I'll get a tattoo for you to imprint on my heart that you are my soulmate and nobody will know the way you carry my heart.

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