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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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What my perfect love would look like

Perfect love

When I was younger I used to imagine this perfect love story.

I used to dream that I would be with this girl with hazel eyes, breath taking dimples, with the best personality anyone could ever have on this planet.

I used to dream that I would be with someone so special I would be so in love with them.

I imagined this person being extremely affectionate with me. Sweet kisses, soft gentle touch, and would treat me like I am everything they've been always searching for.

I dreamed that they would do sweet things randomly just to Express their love for me.

I dreamed this person had some same interests like me and loved to sing and dance.

I use to dream she would have this person so on top of her responsibilities that I never had to worry for a second.

I used to dream that she would eventually propose to me and we would get married.

My dream was to be married and have kids to create a life to share with someone which we share the same perfect love mutually.

Both efforts were the same.

I would play scenarios in my head like she would be putting the kids down to sleep while I am cleaning up getting everything ready for bed.

I imagined falling even more in love with her by the way she loves our kids.

I imagined her showing me love.

I thought about the perfect affection and love in bed.

Grasping onto every touch, every movement, falling in love each time over and over again.

Wearing nothing, so pure and naked, only our wedding rings that represent our forever love for one another and for our little family.

Well dreams are perfect and I guess you can call me a dreamer, but I don't think those dreams are going to come super soon.

I am thankful for my creative mind in the meantime.

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