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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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People are hardheaded sometimes.


People can be a lot of things to me.

We all have different behaviors, moods, and personalities which we all deal with from one another each day.

Some people may seem inconsiderate by always wanting to talk about themself or caring about what needs to get done in order to satisfy themself. They don't care about the sacrifice it took someone to help them get what they want. All they care is that they get what they want and they don't care about the toes they stepped on to get there.

Lately I have noticed being surrounded by some of these people. I have sat back and observed and decided to take a step back to remove myself. I am a human being and like to feel appreciated no matter how big or little the help is. If someone is the type to think I owe it to them, they have another thing coming.

Then there are those people who compare other people's success and point out other's flaws to feel better about themself. This makes me sad. Instead of pushing for other people to reach their goal or the best they can do, people would rather break a person down which is so out of line.

Then there are those people who bottle up everything until they are just about ready to snap. This can be dangerous as at that moment of snapping these people lash out at anyone sometimes resulting in them hurting someone else through actions or words. This makes me feel sad like someone can't trust in someone that they prefer to bottle it up until they are destroyed by this.

Then there are those people who are just always sad. There is nothing anyone can do to change or help with anything. They just stay stuck in a funk or in a miserable world that nobody can seem to understand. This is sad to me too because if I try to help or not that person still chooses to be sad so I feel helpless.

Then there are just people who don't give a flying I'm sure you can guess the next word there. Some people just think if I show I don't care then maybe nothing can hurt me. If I don't care then I have nothing to worry about.

Then there are those people who love control. They feel entitled that their opinion, thoughts, or ideas matter. Not to say that they don't matter or anything , but everyone's feelings are valid. Someone with control tends to want it their way because their way is right. When things arent in their control they tend to freak out and try to talk to others in doing what they want to gain control back.

Then there are those people that are oh so extremely happy. They look happy, are always smiling, and laughing. Truth is no matter how happy you look everyone has been through something or is dealing with something.

There are those people pessimistic about everything. As ugly and corrupt as this world may seem, the world does not have to be negative all the time. Sometimes it is a choice.

People have been annoying me lately. Some people just have been inconsiderate and throw stuff at me to deal with while not even wondering if I am okay, or how I am doing. Some people just want and take. Not anymore. I am over it.

I just want to be treated well like a human being with love, respect, and appreciation. Is that to hard to ask for ???

Just venting about how people drive me nuts!!!

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