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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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One day

One day

One day when I die i know I will understand. I know I will find inner peace within myself, but for now I won't understand a lot about why things happen.

One day when everything is all said and done I know I will take a step back and say okay I get it now or I understand. At that point I will accept things as they are instead of trying to come up with why it happened in the first place.

One day I will earn my degree and understand that yes it took some hard work and challenges, but I made it and I did this and it will make me proud.

One day I will be a teacher to the little guys filling their minds with education and ways to problem solve in this challenging world and I know I will feel my value and my purpose.

One day it will be time to settle down and give my life up to my wife through marriage and my child through pregnancy.

One day I will be a parent and with God's grace maybe even a grandparent.

One day I hope to experience whatever comes my way to make it the best so what when I die i can understand what life was about all of this time I was on earth.

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