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aalderete55 27yrs writing caged feelings
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Her body

My Temple

Her body is my sacred place....

I can trace her curves...

I can trace her scars...

I can trace her imperfect perfections.

I lay on top as I tilt her neck back.

I lightly kiss her neck working my way down slow.

I find my way to her lips where I kiss them gently.

I look her in her eyes to tell her I love you then I kiss her forehead.

I thrust deep yet slow and feel her body squirm.

Her arms around my neck pulling me close scratching my back.

Her breath increases letting out small moans.

Her body winds faster until I feel her hold me tight and pause.

She pulls me in tighter and hugs me.

She tells me that she loves me.

She begins to cry and confused I ask why.

I ask if I did something or if she is okay.

She says I wish we could make a baby. I wish we could make love and create our babies.

She cries harder.

I hold her tight and move her hair out of her face.

I dry her eyes, but more tears fall.

I kiss her forehead and I say I know baby I wish that too.

I begin to cry with her and I tell her one day baby, one day.

We cuddle in comforting one another until we fall asleep.

She is sacred.

She is my temple.

I cherish her.

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