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aalderete55 27yrs writing caged feelings
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I can't get enough

My Sunshine

Her eyes tell a story that I can feel deep in my heart. She has been through hell, been through rage, has anger, but most of all she let someone damage her just like me.

When I see her I get happy because I feel the universe connected us for a reason.

Butterflies may be the word to describe it. I don't know how or why I just know it feels like a high being around her.

We never run out of things to talk about and there are always smiles to last through our sweet interactions.

Her hugs feel like I can let my guard down and I feel at peace.

When we are together, we forget about time. Time always moves too fast when we are together.

I never feel judged, I never feel wrong, I feel like she sees me for me.

She is super shy and it is the best. We can joke about it in a way she doesn't get upset.

I think the universe brought us together to talk with each other to learn how to heal.

Talking about my problems with her makes me feel like she kisses my scrapes and bandages them up for the next obstacle I have coming.

She never puts me down for my wrongdoings or situations I am in. She uplifts me and encourages me to push through.

She is wise, beautiful, smart, loving, caring, has a beautiful heart.

She has rage, she has anger, she can be impatient, but all her imperfections are perfect to me.

She never tries to be perfect. She never tries to pretend she is okay.

She knows she has her issues, but she tries to work on them.

She impacts my life more than she will ever know and I want to do that for her too.

She glows in a way nobody else can see. She shines brighter than the sun and I want that light spread upon me.

She has that special care and that special love.

The way she cares for me makes me feel like I am important, appreciated, loved, and it feels amazing.

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