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My Best Friend Colby

My best friend Colby

Colby was a loving person filled with unconditional love for everyone no matter how bad you hurt him, no matter how close you are to him, and no matter if you return the same love he gives to you.

Colby's presence always made my days feel better because he understood me. Some people when they "listen", they tend to give judgement, their own opinion, or own advice. Colby when he listened he gave a loving and supporting shoulder to cry, smile, and just hug.

Colby was such a happy person and was the pure example of living each day as if it were your last. Colby was always singing loud at the top of his lungs, dancing no matter how serious or silly it may have seemed, and smiling and laughing. His happiness was contagious and nobody could be in any other mood other than happy in his presence.

He had such perfect and soft blonde hair, perfect teeth, same old raspy voice, smoking his cigarettes, cute bracelets, also known for his rings, super skinny jeans, and boots. His hugs were golden and like no touch that anyone could ever offer. His touch was so real and sincere you could feel the love he had for you.

Colby loved to write poems, his own writings, and loved to listen to music. I remember all of the sweet messages he would leave that would just say the countless amounts of iloveyous just because I miss all of that.

Right when I thought nothing can come in between our friendship, I was wrong. On April 11, 2017 Colby died.

I remember my girlfriend called me and she was crying and asked if I can come home. I was preparing a lesson to teach that day for work and I remember packing everything up fast to get to her because there was meaning beyond her cry.

As i pulled in home my girlfriend was outside smoking and in tears and was crying. I asked her what's wrong? She didn't want to tell me. I asked her again what is wrong? She said Colby died this morning around 2. I remember automatically just saying it's okay we will be okay.

I could not find the tears, words, or thoughts to process the news I had just received. I told her I was going to go inside and call off of work. I called my supervisor no answer. I called another coworker of mine L. She answered and I told her I will not make it into work and when she asked if everything was okay, I lost my mind. I cried, everything in me just broke, my heart, my mind, and voice.

I was so heartbroken. How can the only person who actually understands me be taken away from me? How ? Why? Why me? I miss him so much and I refuse to get close to anyone. I remember his memorial. There were so many people who attended. It was amazing to see how one person brought so much love together in this life.

I remember writing a goodbye letter on how special he was to me and how I don't understand death. I told him I would miss him and how I miss the love he provided for me. I told him to tell my tata and my family hi when he gets to heaven.

That is my best friend and I miss him. Iloveyou Colby rest in paradise my sweet Angel ❤

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