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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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I miss you

Missing you

I miss you dearly because you are gone.

I miss your smile, your voice, your touch, the way you smell, and the way you look. Now I only have pictures as memories to remind me of you.

I look back and reminisce when it felt like the family was complete. There used to be 9 including you, but now there are only 8 remaining.

I miss how you used to sit in the living room with your guitar and you use to sing and play.

I miss the life lessons you use to spread at the dining table. The spiritual ones, the broken hearted ones, and happy ending stories too. Every single time they remind me of you.

I miss you and my mind won't let me go back to that day. My mind blocks you out at least the funeral anyway.

When I sit and think about it I can tell you my dear, you've brought so many people together. The church was so full there was even people standing. If you could have only seen how much they miss you too, they will never erase you.

It was time to lay you to rest and put you down in your grave. To your soul rest in peace with God.

How is the afterlife is it beautiful like you imagined? Do you get to see God and the angels working around you?

I miss you and I only see you in my dreams here and there. On days like this where it's cloudy, rainy, and gloomy, it reminds me of you and how I miss you.

Rest in paradise Tata Iloveyou. Send your loving and healing touch and show me the way. I know you will be by my side through my struggles every day ❤

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