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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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I feel like I have too much love to give. I have love to give to my coworkers, my girlfriend, my family, and friends.

Sometimes I sit back and observe and think to myself gosh I love them.

For an example I have this coworker we will call her L. Sometimes I just observe the things she does like typing, or listening to her comments and just laugh. I see a beautiful woman , who is married with her kid, she has a great job and amazing heart. She is a beautiful person. In my mind I think I really love her and I am thankful that God put a sweet person in my life.

Let's take my family for an example. Sometimes during family events or simply when I hangout. I observe the habits that they have had for years and think oh my goodness they haven't changed. There are some things I observe them do that makes them unique. Again I think wow I love them because without them I wouldn't be me.

Sometimes I look at my gf and I'm like omg why does she do this or that? Even when I don't understand why I think to myself this is her, this is how she does things, gosh I love her.

Sometimes with past people when they check on me and are sincere I think to myself God thank you for allowing the good ones to stay even if it was not meant to be between us, gosh I love them.

Sometimes I see my friends and it feels like a second family to me. Sometimes the decisions they do drive me crazy, but sometimes our vulnerability brings us close and I think to myself gosh I love them.

I am thankful to God that he blessed me with love to have, to spread, to enjoy. I am blessed enough to find the beauty all around me. Gosh I love it.

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