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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Love...what is it?


What is love?

Is love the connection between two people who seem to get along well?

Is love when two people seem to sync as one in their attraction for one another?

Is love the way you look in someone's eyes and you can tell they love you back without speaking a word?

Is love when you constantly think of someone all day long no matter how big or little the thought?

Is love when you enjoy the presence of someone's company because it seems comforting and like a safe haven?

Is love when you are able to talk for long periods of time and feel like they understand and validate your feelings?

Is love when you see someone's smile and you can't help, but to smile back because it seems like they are actually happy?

Is love when you can feel the amount of feelings that are being passed back and forth between two people?

Can you have love for more than one person without it being wrong?

Is love when you get excited to see someone?

Is love when you feel hot when you get shy from talking with someone?

What is love?

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