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Life and Reality

We are like clay from the moment we are born.

Over the years we mold into who we want to be.

We experience love, peace, hurt, pain, joy, happiness, frustration, overwhelmed, scared, and more emotions and situations we never imagined we would encounter.

Some situations have taught us a lesson, some have brought us down and have changed us for the better, but also some may have changed us for the worst.

Sometimes we have been in some toxic situations and sometimes we have been in positive influential situations.

As an adult I am realizing that everything has happened to me for a reason especially the traumatic situations.

It has shown me who I am.

I am a person with a huge heart, I am very self-giving, I am wise, I have been hurt and have learned from my mistakes. I have grown, i am independent, i do not depend on any person for my happiness or to continue living each day.

The ones who were toxic I have learned to let go because I deserve better.

The ones who have wanted to leave I watch as they walk away not having any grudge against them only prayer that they will be okay and that I love and miss them.

As an adult I have realized your circle gets smaller and smaller and there are only a few people who show their love for you consistently and there are a few that you can trust.

As an adult I have learned to accept things as they are even if I do not agree or like them.

If things are meant to happen they will without me having to force them to happen.

As a young adult I have realized that adulthood had a different expectation than what it really is.

All I can say is I love myself, I am proud of me and how far I have come, what is meant to happen for me will be.

I got myself and that is all I need.

People who want to be apart of my life who will love and support me will be right by my side.

For now I just continue to be the best me that I can and just worry about myself. We all got our own lives and issues. I matter first.

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