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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Appreciation is key

Learn to Appreciate

Most times other people just worry about themselves and their needs.

Often times people take for granted the people in their lives and the many blessings that they have.

It is hard for me when someone does not appreciate everything.

It is instant irritation and annoyance.

What about my needs?

What about when I have a bad day?

What about when I need fixing?

I feel like many people depend on me, but it is like they just take and not appreciate me or what I do.

It is stressful.

It is overwhelming.

It is selfish.

I am a person too.

I'm just not some angel that is perfect and doesn't feel.

I suffer too, I have scars too, I go through many obstacles too.

I am like you.

I am tired.

I am over it.

I just need time and space.

I am not mean.

I am not an A hole.

I just can't handle complaining at all.

My Tata is dead and I will never get him back.

When I hear complaining I think to myself I would do anything to see his face again yet the things people complain about are ridiculous.

When others don't appreciate things it is hard for me to bite my tongue and hold back what I wish I could say!

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