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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Keep going

Keep going

My body is tired, my mind is burned out, my eyes are burning I am extremely drained.

Same routine each day. Wake up around 3 or 4am depending which day to alarms to then kiss my love away to work.

Try to rest my mind and go back to sleep. I then go to sleep to wake up once more around 6:45 am.

Around that time I wake up to shower and get ready to go to my internship with the kids. They bring me smiles, give me meaningful interactions and experiences, but they also take away all of my energy.

After I complete my hours I do some homework for my 2 online classes. At this point my mind is trying it's hardest to maintain.

After homework if I am lucky I see my love come home to give her another kiss telling her I hope you had a good day got to go to work now iloveyou.

I go to work and get out about 11:30 pm. Once I am finished I come home exhausted and I see my love crashed out snoring. I get in bed and allow my mind to wind down from work. It takes about 40 mim to 2 hours depending what happened at work.

Next thing I know I am asleep snoring with my love just as loud. And before you know it the alarms are going off once more to start the day off again.

I am so tired and exhausted, but I tell myself keep going, you've got this, it is worth it, don't give up. I have to push and sacrifice for these next 3 months and I will be able to graduate. I've got this. I just got to keep going.

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