Inconsiderate are the words that left her lips...
Inconsiderate are the words that left her lips...  sad stories
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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Inconsiderate are the words that left her lips...

I paused , I froze, everything instantly shattered in my heart.

I immediately became empty as my heart fell to my stomach.

I kept replaying those words over and over as my heart hurt , a huge knot in my throat got stuck, and tears building up in my eyes.

I wait until I am alone and you leave so I can finally fall apart. Tears run down my face.

I cant help, but to feel hurt, dissapponted, sad, like you are inconsiderate and selfish.

Everything I ever do is for your happiness , so you don't have to stress or worry. I try to make your life easier.

I even have cut people out for your own comfort, for your own head.

You wouldn't do the same. Hypocritical it feels like.

Inconsiderate.... you tell me to trust you yet you can't even trust me.

Sad, numb, lifeless, depressed, blank. How am I inconsiderate when I give you the world, I drop everything and everyone for you.

Maybe you have got so used to me being lonely you never have to worry about my past people being in my life and maybe you like it that way.

Maybe you got too comfortable knowing I'd do anything for you and you wouldn't have to worry.

Maybe I should be inconsiderate.

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