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aalderete55 27yrs writing caged feelings
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My impulse was you


As the years go by my impulse seems to react without thought....

The answer was always you...

No matter the things or people it cost me I always chose you...

Over the years my impulse was to find myself in your arms knowing that I belonged to someone else, but so did you...

My impulse was still you..

I didn't know how to say no, I didn't know how to turn away, yet my impulse was you even if what I was doing seemed wrong.

The years go by I grow on you , but I also grow away from you.

My impulse will be you I always find my way back.

Time and time again we leave each other to try to move on.

This last time really hurt so I have taken a step back so this impulse does not seem too strong.

This is what I thought you wanted ...

To love me from a distance, to befriend me, and to be there if or when you can.

My impulse for you grows faint as I know to you this whole thing feels wrong.

So now here I stand alone and independent without an impulse to run back to your arms where I once felt safe, but that no longer exists anymore.

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