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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Iloveyou for all of the times you felt so depressed that you just wanted to lay in bed all day, but you didn't. Instead you found some sort of worth to want to get up anyways to give yourself a chance to experience the day no matter how painful it was.

Iloveyou for all of the times where you bit your tongue from saying hurtful words because you would much rather be the bigger person and not hurt others like they have hurt you.

Iloveyou for all of the times you were discouraged, but with God's grace managed to find the motivation to continue trying no matter the outcome.

Iloveyou for continuing to show love to others even though most people don't deserve it, but you continue to love like you've never been hurt.

Iloveyou for all the times you've cried so much you could hear the breaks in your voice, but you still wiped your tears and still chose to have a better day.

Iloveyou for all of the times you have forgiven others not for them, but for you so you can begin your healing through time.

Iloveyou for all of the times you thought about giving up at life. Iloveyou because you found the stregnth to try to think of your purpose and reason for being here and even when you couldn't find one you decided to stay.

Iloveyou for all of the times you didn't love yourself because without feeling sad or overthinking, you wouldn't have seen your self-worth, value, and what you deserve.

Iloveyou because I am you and I know where you have been. I love you because you are here standing strong. Iloveyou because though you don't understand life, people, or things, you still decide to find the positivity in it all. Iloveyou because you deserve to be loved. I love me.

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