I want to be a superhero
I want to be a superhero superhero stories

aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Your superhero

I want to be a superhero

I want to be a superhero so badly.

If I were one my superpower would not be to fly, be invisible, or to be the strongest.

My super power would be to heal every broken soul so that they may live life in peace and to the fullest.

I would take every ounce of pain away from every broken soul.

To make someone happy is the best gift of all.

It breaks my heart how broken this world and the people who live in it are.

I wish that it was that simple to do, but it is not.

One day at a time I will try to make other people' s life easier whether it is through prayer, through a kind and simple gesture, or simply with a smile.

I just hope that in someone's eyes I can be their superhero.

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