I am deathly afraid of death. I am afraid of dying. What happens to us when we die? Will there be a bright light that  stories

aalderete55 27yrs writing caged feelings
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When I die will I get to see my family? Will they remember me? Will I be able to speak, smell, touch, feel, see them?

When I die will there be a bright light that I walk into that is so beautiful I cannot resist? When I die do I get to see all of the answers to what could have been? When I die will I get to see Jesus?

When I die will I die a natural death, in a car accident, in the hospital, wrong place wrong time. How will I die? When will I die? I am afraid to die.

Who will be at my funeral? What will they say? What will be their memories of me? Will I be standing there watching them mourn for me? I am anxious about death and it makes me uncomfortable.

The worst part about understanding death is looking at the people around me knowing I love them and thinking to myself you will either mourn for me because I will die first or I will be heartbroken if you die first. Death makes me sad.

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