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aalderete55 27yrs writing caged feelings
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Her touch

Her touch!

I think about her touch....

I think of soft hands running up the back of my neck as her fingernails trace my neck and shoulders getting slower yet stronger with every stroke.

I close my eyes and roll my head back as it becomes more comfortable to lean into....

My breathing slows down...

I hear her breath getting slower yet heavier too.

I pull her hips in as they are already swaying from side to side.

Her body winds as it feels like 2 magnets becoming strongly attracted to one another.

I stare deeply in her eyes to try to connect to her vibes and what she is telling me without speaking a single word.

Her eyes tell me she has been through a lot yet still sticks around to stay for the comfort and love.

I smirk as I can see she is gazing in awe at my deep dark soul yet without care still decides to stay in my presence.

Where I have been and where I am does not seem to scare her off and I am blessed.

Breaking from the silence simultaneously touching one another we both lean in to kiss and give love to one another.

I think about that soft sweet gentle touch.... and it makes me be certain thoughts.

There is something about that touch and I think about it when I can't have it.

There is just something about her.

I can't figure it out.

These intimate thoughts do something to me.

I think about me tracing her skin and her outline admiring her every curve and every scar.

I remind her how beautiful she is even with her war inside her soul.

I remind her that we are all human and to be proud of her body never ashamed.

She touches me and kisses me in appreciation for my approval.

Still can't get over her touch.

I feel like I have only had it a few times, but I want it more. I crave the touch and I feel addicted to it.

In my mind I can be satisfied by her touch, but I want to feel her.

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