Her dark soul
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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Dark soul

Her dark soul

The war in her eyes tell a story from where she has been.

She comes from a broken place yet continues to stand tall time and time again.

She has been through hell back and forth, with demons constantly attacking her for what she is worth.

They scream at her peace of mind and what is left in her soul, they try to attack her heart and her inner soul.

She has been through it all the painful, hurtful, stressful parts in her life, and in her dark soul I see she walks on a fine line.

At anytime she can break, but she holds on strong, it's amazing even if she does not see the purpose at all.

The blood in her veins and the emotional scars remind her that there is more to this life other than the hurt and the pain.

She at times sees her worth, but sometimes she doesn't.

Again her dark gloomy past seems to win over her mind.

When she looks in the mirror it's a daily struggle to not notice the past that she has left behind.

It is like living a constant battle and that gets tiring itself.

When each day you are in a frustrating battle with yourself.

She has tears to cry, a tired mind every day, and a restless heart which takes all of her energy away.

I see myself as a deep and dark soul, that is learning to love myself, and learn that this life is unfair.

I try to accept things as they are because I understand not everything is in my control.

I try to make the best of what I can and that's just how I roll.

I know I do not have to live like I use to because that is my past, but each and every day seems to be one hell of a task.

One day at a time, taking things step by step.

I know that each day I learn to grow to overcome my hell.

I know I can do this I tell myself I can.

Sometimes it takes looking in the mirror to love me for who I am.

Through this dark soul and the war inside my mind, I know if I love myself and others, that I will be alright.

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