Greatest kind of intimacy
Greatest kind of intimacy loved stories

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Ways to be intimate

Greatest kind of intimacy

I think it is beautiful and intimate when you feel someone actually understands you. I dont mean when they say they understand, I am saying when you feel so close to a person and they understand everything that you feel.

I think it is intimate when you are able to be in the presence of someone and not even having to say a single word, but not feel uncomfortable. Instead it feels safe and like you do not have to do or say anything.

I think It is intimate when someone touches you, not like touching for their own needs, but something simple as holding hands, a neck massage, a gentle touch. Receiving a gentle soft touch and not having to put out or give up anything is amazing.

Another kind of intimacy is something as simple as looking into someone's eyes and just being able to smile and appreciate the person that they are.

Intimacy can be something like opening up and being honest about the truth and never feeling judged for it.

Being intimate is putting yourself out there and being vulnerable to your actions and feelings.

Being intimate with someone is trusting another person even when the world has beaten you down time and time again.

Intimacy with a person is not always sex.

There are many ways someone can be intimate. It can be something as simple as giving a compliment to buying someone flowers.

Intimacy is doing things with another person or to another person that makes the relationship close and typically comes with thought and also from the heart.

As human beings we all crave love, intimacy, closeness, to feel apart of someone or something.

We try to latch onto the people or things that make us sane, feel normal, feel wanted, and feel loved.

Intimacy is necessary and there is no right or wrong way.

As long as it comes from the heart.

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