Giving her away
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aalderete55 27yrs writing caged feelings
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Giving her away

Thinking back years ago there were so many bitter sweet moments.

Some personal issues with life, love, and family.

Every time something would happen life got harder yet giving up seemed so much easier.

It is nice when someone is there by your side to support you no matter the ups and downs.

It is nice to have a shoulder to cry on or someone to wipe your tears no matter the unbelieveable negative thoughts that came into mind.

The way her arms created a home and a safe place for my heart and my mind.

A place so safe that it was so easy to let the walls down and an opportunity to be vulnerable.

A person so perfect that you could last in those moments forever.

Nobody compared, nothing changed your mind, the future seemed so clear with a plan and a play by play to what it would be like with her.

The future planned with education, kids, marriage, house, and the way life would be if two people fell in love and couldn't get enough.

As the years pass things change and life does too.

The young fairy tales and perfect love that we thought would last forever never did.

Time after time we would watch one another in and out of relationships with people we never liked or approved of.

We always knew what one another deserved.

We always knew how to treat each other's heart.

We always knew how to love one another and something in our hearts always connected on another level that nobody could understand or compare to.

Sometimes we wondered in the next life if there are soulmates and if there was would we find each other in that life?

No matter if we weren't together we always remained great friends because we never judged one another.

We still had that perfect connection and that perfect communication.

Even though we were not together we both still felt the love that we both had for one another.

We both just accept that our love and way we connect will never go away.

Together or not our hearts sync to a place of comfort, peace, true happiness, love, laughter, joy, acceptance, perfection, and trust.

We both understand that we have our own lives.

We both understand we have our own relationships now.

Over the years we both questioned the relationships always saying that girl she is with should be me.

As I stand on the side lines I cheer her on to be true to herself, love herself, and to be happy.

Even if happy used to be me years ago she deserves to be free.

As I watch from a distance I give her away to another woman.

Years ago I would have been devastated and heart broken to know she would marry someone who wasn't me.

Now I am happy that she is moving on with her life without me.

I am happy, proud, and excited to see what her future holds even though it is not with me.

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