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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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It is time for me to live

Finding Myself

I am learning to find myself.

I know that I will die alone.

I am tired of depending on people and things.

It is like broken promises, expectations that lead to dissapointments, and eventually a broken heart.

That's why I am learning to love me over anyone because I know that I need me first.

Nobody knows how to love me the way I need to only me.

I am learning to not depend on people. I have been creating space between myself and others because often times they come and go and to me it is all confusing and mind games with a pinch of emotions.

I am understanding that I am being successful finally getting what I deserve. All my hard work is beginning to pay off.

I am learning that I can do everything on my own. For years I have been there for others to help with their emotions, their life, physically, mentally, financially and more. What is so special about someone who doesn't do or try to do more than what I can do for myself? It is all a waste of time.

I am over the inconsistency of my life.

I feel that soon I am going to focus on me and be alone without any commitments or strings attached because I feel people are toxic and weigh me down.

I confirm my life to others and wonder why I am always hurt or miserable.

I do it to myself.

So now I am learning to fall in love with myself.

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