Dream and symbolism
Dream and symbolism symbolism stories

aalderete55 29yrs writing caged feelings
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Dreams are draining emotionally

Dream and symbolism

Sometimes I love dreams because I get to see my loved ones who have passed away and it makes me feel closer to them.

Sometimes I hate my dreams because they seem so real.

Last night I had a dream people were trying to harm me and shoot me.

I was always running, hiding, and on the move.

One thing I noticed is that I was always trying to protect someone no matter what risk I took.

I was dodging bullets, catching bullets and throwing them back, taking kicks and punches.

When I woke up I felt so sore like I was actually fighting someone.

I feel drained today.

The symbolism I took from this dream is maybe I help a lot of people and I try so hard to make them be and feel okay.

I am constantly offering my love and support to all.

Sometimes seeming like a warrior with scars, past experiences, stregnth, and hopeful that all can get through this struggling life.

I have the biggest heart in trying to be patient with everyone to help as best as I can.

It could be a hug, an ear, a shoulder to cry on, kind words and understanding.

I took that I am always trying to protect others no matter what.

I just hate how this dream drained me and the day hasn't even started yet.

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