Deep Depression
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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Deep Depression

When it hits it hits really hard.

Nothing but falling tears and there is no reason for them, but they just keep pouring.

It feels like somebody died or like going through the worst break up.

Nobody understands ... when you try to talk you don't say what you really feel.

You feel trapped in this box it seems.

The only way to feel better is in a dark room, 4 walls, 1 ceiling.

Pick one to look at ... you stare so hard into the distance that you don't feel a thing.

You think of everyone who has left your life, all of the broken promises, all of the opportunities, and all the things you messed up.

You try to be positive, but it doesn't work.

You cry yourself to sleep until you wake up and do it all over again.

Before you know it you slept more than half a day away.

No hug, no words, nothing can change how things go down.

Depression sucks, but I am doing my best to put up a fight.

It feels like I am crawling on the cold floor.

It feels like I am beaten down time and time again.

I have to find me because I am lost. I am always sad and I am never happy.

Everything is the same just a different day.

I need answers, but I can't find the motivation to search.

Until then I will stay stuck in this deep dark depression.

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