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aalderete55 27yrs writing caged feelings
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Dance with me amor!


Tonight I went out to a place which had dance night ithad bachata, salsa, cumbia those genres of music.

I see people dancing.

Some were couples, some were single, some were couples, but danced with everyone and anyone.

Dancing is a language that moves my heart and soul.

It reminds me of my Tata.

My Tata loved to dance.

It reminds me when I was little he used to say come stand on my feet. I would and he would be the one dancing and me standing on his feet swaying side to side. The smile on my face I bet was memorable as his was to me.

The movement and the smile on his face was everything.

When I watched these people dance their hips moving, the spins, turns, shuffle of feet.

I love to dance and my gf does not dance at all.

My bucket list is at least to go out and dance with her or anyone willing to take my hand and dance together.

I want that so badly.

It is a language, an art, an expression.

I love it and I understand why my Tata loved it so much when he was alive.

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