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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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I compare everyone to you. You made me happy.

Compared to you

Sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever make me feel the way you use to.

Make me truly happy the way you use to.

Care about me like you use to.

Trust in me the way you did.

Or maybe just doing random sweet things out of nowhere for me just because.

What about how you never made me stress out.

I compare everything and everyone to you.

It is hard.

It is hard when you felt like you have had the best and nobody can even come close to making you happy to the way you use to be.

You never laid a hand on me.

You never have put me down.

Even after fights or arguments you realized we were more important so they would end fast and you would even apologize.

I miss you.

I miss having someone like you.

Someone who doesn't get mad or angry for the little things.

Someone who can calm me down about anything.

Someone who doesn't need a reason to hold me, kiss me, grab me by the waist just to say iloveyou.

Sometimes I just wonder if i will ever get that or feel like that again.

So far life is life and I am going through the motions of it all.

I'm always stressed there is always something popping up and I can never catch a break.

I miss when it all seemed to be a little more simple.

Without you a lot has changed and I know it is wrong, but I compare everyone to you.

You knew how to treat me, to help me, to touch me, to be respectful of me.

Something about you.

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