Brokenness feels like home
Brokenness feels like home brokenness stories

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Brokenness feels like home

Brokenness feels like home

My place of work is very draining, stressful, mentally tiring. You see I work in an adult rehab for substance abuse.

I work with addicts and deal with behavioral issues on a daily basis. Some days I know that when I go to work someone will be angry at me. At other times I know people will thank me for my efforts towards helping them.

There are some days people will lash out in anger towards me. There are times people have outbursts or have breakdowns. There are some days I see children come in to visit their parents and it is heartbreaking to hear their cries, hurt, and pain from missing their mommy or daddy.

There are some days that just hurt, but there are also days where I just am thankful that God has given me many opportunities in my life. I am blessed for a car, house, water, food, a loving support system, and the list goes on.

One thing that sticks out is that my workplace is a broken place filled with suffering. The weird part is I love work because through my own brokenness I feel at home. I feel like they enjoy when I am at work helping them and I feel needed. When I leave at night all my efforts feel valued.

Though all of the suffering and pain whether it is in the past, brokenness brings people together to not feel alone. Truth is we have all been sad, depressed, frustrated, overwhelmed and so on. To lean on someone's shoulder to let them know you are there brings similarities, closeness, and love together. This is why work feels like home.

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