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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Take a moment aside from the chaos you deserve to breathe.



Now exhale.....

Now close your eyes....

Inhale deeply....

And exhale slowly....

Repeat these steps until you become calm and aware....

You've got this and you can do it.

You deserve this.

Believe in yourself.

One step at a time.

Despite the chaos just continue to breathe.

Again inhale and exhale...

Become aware of your breathing.

Is it heavy? Shallow? Maybe rapid or very slow?

Continue to breathe.

Take a moment to credit yourself.

You deserve a chance, you can do it, you can accomplish the world if you believe in it.

Tell yourself that you are going to make life your b***h because you are in control.

Remind yourself that you don't Have to be submissive anymore that you have a choice.

Your feelings are always valid.

Your thoughts and feelings matter.

You are different, but unique and that is perfectly okay.

We are all not perfect and have gone through different paths.

We continue to learn, heal, and grow because we are human.

We make mistakes all the time and that is okay.

Just remind yourself that no matter where life takes you to treat yourself kindly.

Dont forget to take a moment to yourself to breathe.

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