Bitter sweet dying love
Bitter sweet dying love sad stories

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Sad love story

Bitter sweet dying love

There comes a time where you have to let go. Not because you want to, but because the other person has to move on from you to be happy.

It's like every song, every sign, every movie, every place you've ever been to with them reminds you of all of the memories created. It's like you are constantly reminded how things use to be so sweet and perfect.

I don't regret any of them and I love them so much. Most people once you break up you care about them, but you don't love them anymore you are okay with moving on.

When it is your true love. You will always love them deep down and have a place in your heart that nobody can compare to. Maybe it's the way you both cared equally and loved. Maybe it was the sweet calls and texts. Maybe it was just everything all together.

I know I will never be with you because of the distance, I know not only that, but you deserve the happiness without me.

There are always things that trace my mind back to you especially in the songs.

It is like the perfect love story that never was.

My wish and prayer is that you remain happy, you remain safe, and you live the life you have always dreamed of without me.

You will have a special place in my heart, you will always carry my secrets, you will always know me like the back of your hand, and your love will never compare to anyone's.

I will never regret the times you have given me. You were perfect. I miss you. In a way it feels like I am losing you. I know I have to let you go so you can move on.

I know I never stated my feelings I am unsure whether it was fear or just the simple fact I knew we wouldn't be together.

I am proud of you and the person you have become. You have a passionate heart filled with unconditional love time after time after being hurt and taken for granted. Just know I wish you the best and you are the best.

I can feel the hurt and pain in this dying love. I feel this love is like a dying rose watching it's petals falling slowly until it hits the ground.

I hear the sounds of shattered glass as it feels like the brokenness within this love.

My heart cramps and cries with a pain just like our break up over and over again.

It feels like a gloomy day like I lost a big piece out of my life.

Through trust and faith in God I can pray to comfort my soul. Maybe I can try to move on.

It is always going to hurt. It will always be painful. It will always feel incomplete, but I know you have always loved me and I feel like I have a spot in your heart too.

It is just the not hearing from you or talking to you that will kill me and break me. I understand you need this to move on. I understand . I get it.

I apologize for everything I have ever done. I regret ever hurting you that is one thing I would take back.

Spread your wings and fly monkey. You deserve it. <3

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