Being Heartbroken
Being Heartbroken rest in peace stories

aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Miss you forever

Being Heartbroken

Being taken away from you is the worst pain.

No break up, person, or situation can compare to the loss of you.

I think about you all of the time.

I miss you each day.

I wish you were here.

The sound of your voice fades into silence as the days go by.

Your scent grows more faint as I do not smell you much it is impossible since you have gone away.

I miss what it feels like to be in your arms.

All I have are dreams of you which feels like they last a few minutes.

The worst part is when I dream of you and wake up because I know you won't be there.

Friday it will be 3 years since you have been gone and it feels like yesterday that everything happened.

I am not use to this and I never will be.

People tell me over time it will get better and heal, but it does not feel that way.

Tonight I dreamt my Tata and I saw him in my dream.

I didn't get to greet him like I normally do.

In the dream we were going to church and I was finishing up in the parking lot with my brother I was doing my make up, locking the doors, and using the restroom before church.

As we were about to walk in the church where my Tata was so I can finally see him and greet him, the alarm goes off and I immediately start crying.

I got ripped away sooner than I expected and I was frustrated, devastated, angry, sad.

Days like these I just want to isolate and be alone.

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