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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Tell me what you see.

Behind those eyes

Those eyes have seen more than I can imagine.

Those eyes have seen hell and back, but makes sure to stay focused and look straight ahead doing what you got to do.

When I look in your eyes I see broken and shattered pieces.

I see the motivation to want to be better and do better.

Behind those eyes I see fear.

I see you are afraid to fail or afraid to be a "disappointment" like you thought you were.

Behind those eyes I see someone who is uncertain.

Those eyes carry a lot of the past and what happened.

Those eyes have looked at the ground several times from anxiety and fear of the opinions of others.

Behind those eyes I see someone motivated.

I see someone wanting to be and wanting to change.

Behind those eyes I see a glow that says I am strong and I can do this.

Behind those eyes I see you.

Behind those eyes I see unique.

Behind those eyes I see wonder.

I see love and care.

I see desire and needs.

Behind those eyes I see you.

Behind those eyes I see the looks.

I see you scan the room cautiously there is a reason. You've been hurt so many times what do you expect.

I see you thinking dirty thoughts I can just tell.

Your eyes tell a lot.

Sometimes I just wonder what is truly behind those eyes.

I close my eyes and breathe because sometimes I think back that I have seen a lot of things.

Behind these eyes there is love, determination, motivation, care, and good love deep in the heart.

The intentions are good and the thoughts are good.

Behind those eyes it is all about you.

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