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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Baby girl

Baby Girl

She saw me across the room and made eye contact as I sat there , being a sad girl staring at my drink, occasionally socializing with the bartender.

Her beautiful hair and sparkling eyes I noticed as I glanced pretending I didnt notice her looking over at me.

The night went by and I never thought I would see her again after I had closed out.

I saw her out again this time she approached me. Asked my name and why I always looked sad. Baby girl that is just me.

I couldn't talk much or pay attention as I was taken at the time and to cause less drama, but she was so intrigued and I secretly liked it.

I wished I would see her again and hoped that it was sooner than later.

Unexpectedly, another encounter as we spent the night out separately. She asked "why do you always look sad" and I always make excuses for why I look sad.

She always found me whether it be across the room, across the bar, and no matter what she comes for me with that smile and always shows interest in me.

For not knowing one another she always gives me her attention.

Her energy is strong, our connection is strong, but most of all the way she loves is flawless.

Her heart is pure, her smile is breath taking , her eyes are melting, and her everything Is genuine.

Her every touch heals my open wounds, her kiss seal my shedded tears, and her hugs stitch my broken heart.

How did I get so lucky baby girl? What did I do to deserve such a beautiful person like you.

How can I repay you for how special you make me feel?

I know I am broken and I know I am a mess.

I don't want to ruin your glow, but baby girl I can't contain myself

I have no self control when she is around.

All I can say is baby girl you are perfect .

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