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aalderete55 28yrs writing caged feelings
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Nothing more attractive than trying


There is no better attraction than someone who is trying.

Not just the words or the bragging like I do this and that and I have achieved this or that.

I am talking about you seeing evidence in a person growing to better themself, support themself, love themself, fail and try again for themself.

When I see someone doing well and being a better them it makes me proud and all I can think is Hell ya!

It is honestly attractive for people to continue to succeed and continue to push further.

It is a turn off for me to see people push for so long and then all of a sudden that is enough so they stop trying.

You do not need to be perfect or have your stuff together, but the fact that you try and continue to push is awesome.

Nothing better than hardworking people with motivation and determination.

I want to be surrounded with people like that.

That shit is attractive!!!

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