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aalderete55 27yrs writing caged feelings
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Do you ever feel so nervous you can hear your own heartbeat? Not the crazy butterfly kind of nervous, but the palms getting sweaty kind of nervous?

Do you ever feel so worried that it causes your head to hurt so much that you feel like your mind is about to explode?

Do you ever get so anxious it makes you look like you are very shy and the only way you can react is to not make any eye contact?

Do you ever find yourself so anxious that you begin to play with your hands and walk really fast? What about being so anxious the only way to try to stay calm is to shake your leg up and down repeatedly?

Or what about that extreme anxiety where you bite your nails and not realize you are actually biting your nails too deep?

Do you ever feel so anxious that you feel so paranoid with everyone within your surroundings? What about being so anxious you don't even trust someone walking behind you?

Anxiety is real and there is nothing funny about it. Some people do not understand what anxiety is and may try to make you feel dumb or crazy for having it. The only way to deal with your anxiety is making the awareness that you have it and that it is okay. The next step is finding healthy ways to learn how to cope with your anxiety.

Ways to cope may be to do self-care, or trying to connect with the world around you. Yes it may feel uncomfortable and different, but it will help with getting use to or helping decrease your anxiety. Just remember anxiety is okay, there is nothing wrong with you, and that you should learn to cope in a healthy way.

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