The Thief on the Train
The Thief on the Train train stories

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It was a regular train journey for these five people until one of them turned out to be a thief.

PS: Let me know if you were able to guess the ending!

The Thief on the Train

The train was whistling. It was about to leave.

The last person to board the train was a person in some sort of cadet uniform. He sighed in relief as he made his way inside. He searched the compartments looking for a vacant seat.

He found one in a compartment. There were four other people in this compartment.

The first two were a newly wed couple. You can tell they were newly wed as the woman was still in her gold jewellery while the man seemed not in much control of his excitement.

"We are on the way to our honeymoon", the man spoke as he saw this man entering their compartment.

On the other side was a grumpy looking, middle aged man. He was not recently wed but he was also carrying almost the same amount of gold jewellery on him as the woman on the other berth.

He also had a briefcase with him which he kept under the berth and every so often, he kept glancing under the berth to check if it's still there.

The person on the side berth doesn't seem to bother much of what is happening in and around him. He was reading a newspaper and seem to be lost in the affairs.

The stranger found a seat next to the middle aged man. The man glanced at him with suspicion but felt assured when he saw that the man was in a uniform.

And so with a jerk, the train left.


The train was in its full speed and was about to enter a tunnel.

Everyone sitting in the compartment was busy in something or another.

The couple was chatting endlessly.

The middle aged man was bent in a U-shape and was checking the status of his briefcase.

The man on the side berth was still reading the newspaper.

While the man in the cadet uniform was sitting idly, enjoying the views of the hills from the window.

Then suddenly the train entered the tunnel and then it was pitch dark. It was all quiet and dark for a while when suddenly the woman in the compartment shrieked. Suddenly there was a frenzy.

Before anyone could understand what happened, the train came out of the tunnel and then there was again light in the compartment. But everyone was shocked to see what happened.

The woman was missing her gold jewellery while the middle aged man was sitting with his head in his hand. His briefcase was also missing. But there was another thing missing.

The person sitting on the side berth who was reading the newspaper was also missing.

Someone shouted that they saw this person running towards the other compartment. The middle aged man and couple hastily ran in that direction while the man in the cadet uniform remain seated.

The train stopped at the next platform but they were able to successfully caught the man with the newspaper in the next compartment.

They searched him thoroughly but couldn't find the missing briefcase nor the jewellery.

"Why did you ran away if you are not the thief?" They questioned him.

"I am scared of the dark. When I heard the shriek, I thought someone is going to kill me", the man replied.

Meanwhile, only a single person got down on this platform.

He was carrying a briefcase with him.

He was also wearing a cadet uniform.

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