The Night
The Night #stopwars stories

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In the midst of a war, a small family tries to survive the night.

The Night

It was night.

Little Adam was watching curiously as his parents were sitting beside him holding their hands praying to their god.

The ground was shaking beneath their feet.

They were hidden In a place like a bunker, underneath their home while it was bombarding outside.

But for young Adam this doesn't mean anything.

"Father, What is happening outside?", He asked when he couldn't further resist himself.

"We are in the middle of war Son", His father replied while watching the ceiling on top of their head which was still shaking even though the nearest impact was heard miles away.

"What is a War?" Adam asked.

His mother exclaimed. He was always the curious one.

"Well when someone tries to sneak into your home, you fight them". His father in-acted the way a boxer punches. Adam laughed.

But something was still bothering him.

"Father, But you said the other day that we should greet people who come to our home as God. Then this means we are fighting God?". Adam asked.

His father looked at his mother. "He has grown so much", He smiled.

"Son, this world, our world was not like this before. When God created this world, it was just land and water, No territories, no borders. Nothing was anyone else to take. It was for all."

"But, then we started dividing territories and now we are fighting over what's ours and what theirs." He placed his ears to the wall to sense what's happening outside.

Adam also started copying his father. He also placed his ears on the wall but he heard something and then suddenly ran away from the wall.

He heard a loud cry from somewhere which startled him. His father immediately went upto him and placed his hands on his shoulders.

"It will be alright Son." He took out his Son's favourite toy and gave it to him.

"If..." The boy stammered. "If we give away what ours, will this stop this war?". He was pointing at his favourite toy in his hand.

His father smiled. "Only if people cared enough like you", He gently stroked the boy's hair.

His mother handed over their cups of soup to them. "Now finish this and sleep peacefully", she said.

Adam and his father nodded their head together.

At the same time, miles above their home, thousands of feet into the sky, a fighter plane opened its bay door.

Only the dead have Seen the end of war. - Plato

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