The Lives of others
The Lives of others lives stories

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A story of how three different lives divided by their social stature got linked by one small thing.

The Lives of others

A young boy was running into an open field.

His blue tunic flying behind as he glides.

The gentle breeze tried to catch him on his way but end up only following him.

Only once he saw his father that he slowed down.

"Father!" The young boy sat beside his father.

"Look Son. Do you know what this is?" In his hand were few seeds.

"Seeds?" The Boy answered.

"These are strawberry seeds. You like strawberries right?" He asked.

The boy nodded his head.

In truth, the boy has never tasted a single strawberry in his life. But he has seen a plenty. His father has worked his whole life on this farm.

When the strawberries ripe, the whole garden gets filled with the sweet smell and the beautiful colour of strawberries and the boy just loved the sight, the aroma, the breeze.

"Father, Why can't we take home some of these strawberries with us?" The boy asked.

"It's not ours son. We worked on these lands for Mr Singh and in return we get our daily wage" the Father stood up to get a full view of the land.

The boy doesn't understand any of this, but the only thing he understood was these strawberries are not theirs to take.

"Oh cheer up boy! You won't like the taste of this, believe me. It just seems great on the outside." The father patted his son on the back.

And so for the first time, He lied to his son.


Outside a bakery shop, a girl stood peeping through a window, while a baker was busy decorating a cake.

Like a true artist, he was gently placing his hand over each layers one by one. Right now, he was the master and this was his masterpiece.

After he finished, he examined the layers again and took out a fresh strawberry, one from the stack which came in the morning from the farm,

and placed it at the top like a star on a Christmas tree.

"Viola!" He exclaimed.

He then called out for one of his helpers.

"Take this to Mr Singh's house at exactly 5 pm and be extra careful" He ordered.

Then, he pointed at the girl who he saw peeping through the window and reprimanded the helper for that.

The helper went outside the shop.

"Hey you! What you think you are doing?" He questioned the girl.

"I am just looking. Do you have to pay for that also now?" The girl asked while climbing down.

"For you, nothing here is affordable." and with that he pushed her aside.

The girl walked away angrily.


Today was the fifth birthday of Mr Singh's only child.

So, naturally the whole town was invited.

The birthday boy came down to cut the cake, dressed in his new favourite, newly bought suit.

Once he saw the cake, he shouted, "What is this?"

"This is your favourite cake, strawberry one!" Mrs Singh explained politely to her son.

"This is the same one which I had last birthday also. I want a new one this time!" He demanded.

Thankfully, Mr Singh had ordered two different flavours of cakes this time. He was well aware of his son's hysterical nature.

Seeing her son now happily enjoying the new cake, Mrs Singh ordered one of her maids to take the strawberry cake and have it among themselves.

"Thank you Mrs Singh!" The girl who was outside the bakery shop earlier in the day, spoke on behalf of all the helpers.


While the girl sat on the porch, enjoying a piece of cake by herself, she saw a young boy in a blue tunic passing by along with his father.

The boy also saw a girl eating a piece of cake with a strawberry on top, and for a second he hesitated and in that brief moment the girl saw something in the eyes of the boy,

which she felt in her own while she was outside that bakery shop today.

So, she went outside the house, walked up to where the boy stood along with this father,

and gave him the untouched strawberry.

The boy looked at his father first and then at the strawberry in his hand and without any hesitation this time, took a big bite.

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