The Golden Falcon
The Golden Falcon short story stories

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One day a girl rescued an injured golden falcon outside her house and soon formed a special bond with the bird.

The Golden Falcon

It was just like any other morning. Lisa was in the small garden, just outside her house, watering the shrubs and watching them glitter in the sunshine when suddenly she heard a flickering of wings.

She looked up and saw a bird falling down from the sky near the big apple tree.

It was not just any ordinary bird, but a beautiful golden falcon.

She saw a deep wound on one of the bird's leg. It seemed as if the poor creature has escaped from a hunt.

She carefully placed her hands beneath the bird and carried it inside her house.


Lisa was getting ready in front of the mirror. The falcon was sitting near the window, staring through it as if dreaming of the world outside.

She glanced towards the falcon, "I can't take you outside, you haven't fully recovered yet!". There were still bandages where the wound was before. But the falcon was hopelessly trying to move her injured leg free of the bandages.

Lisa couldn't bare to watch her struggle anymore, so she left her home immediately.


"I am extremely sorry. But, we cannot do anything now. Your eyes have taken great damage due to the impact." Lisa was in the hospital and a doctor was whispering to her.

But, she could barely understand any of this. It was only a moment ago when she was in the car and heard a phone call due to which her focus shifted briefly towards her phone and then all of a sudden there was an impact and it all went dark in front of her eyes.

And now the doctors were telling her that maybe that was the last thing that she ever saw with her own eyes.


Lisa was now sitting in her small garden holding onto the bird in her hands. The falcon was her only companion during these dark times in her life but now she had to let her go.

Although she couldn't see this but she could still feel by her touch that the wound on her leg was fully recovered now.

She stood up and went to the exact spot where she found the falcon before and opened her hands to free the bird.

But the falcon stayed there for a brief moment, flapping her wings gently and staring at her rescuer before she eventually took a big swing of her wings and flew away into the horizon.


She was all alone in her room, sitting on a chair near the window with her eyes closed.

When she opened her eyes, She saw herself flying amidst the clouds in the sky with a flock of birds flying alongside her.

She glanced down and saw the city bursting with all its glitters and glamours. She hovered over her favourite shops, her workplace which she adored and the park where she used to go each day for a walk.

She then glided over the lake, on the banks of which, sometimes she used to sit and gazed at the flying birds for hours. She took a deep dive and breezed the surface of the lake and saw the reflection of a falcon shinning in the crystal clear water.

Finally, she came near a house where she saw a small garden and a big apple tree outside.


With a startle, Lisa was back to her conscious and found herself sitting on a chair in her room. Her heart was pounding furiously. After a long time, since that terrible incident, that she felt overjoyed like this.

She didn't know how to explain what happened or how it all happened. But when she heard a shrill outside the house, she knew instinctively that the falcon is back and a new journey awaits both of them.

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