A song of the fallen
A song of the fallen fantasy stories

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Badly injured and almost on the verge of dying, a fallen soldier was the last man standing between the enemy and many innocent lives.

A song of the fallen

Another bullet fired.

Another body fell.

One by one the soldiers in his troop were going down.

They fought bravely till now but they were just so few in number compared to their enemy who came prepared.

But, there was no way this troop was going to surrender.

They were the last line of defence between the enemy and the thousands of people across this bridge.

This bridge was the only thing which was stopping the enemy battalion from attacking the town which was the harbour for all the ships towards this city.

If they could successfully capture this town, then they could also plan an attack on the entire city from here. This was their plan.

The captain was in his bunker, reading an old novel when he heard the first gunshot fired and before he or his troop could even understand what happened,

the bullets started raining down on them. Most of the men, didn't even got a chance to wake up from their dreams.

But, somehow, the captain and few of the men in his troop, survived the first wave of attack and started a counter attack which was holding the army at bay till now.

But, it was hopeless. Few men against a whole army, it was just a massacre.

And so in front of his eyes, he saw one after another, each of his remaining men falling down without a chance to say any final words.

He too was badly injured, and without any bullet left in his gun, but the captain still didn't stopped shouting at his men to keep going at the enemy.

Even when there was no one left to hear his words.

Because he was now the last man standing between the enemy and many innocent lives across the bridge, who patiently awaited their fate.

But, then a bullet pierced his heart and his vision blurred immediately.

It was in this blurred vision that he saw a mysterious hooded figure hovering over the body of one of the fallen soldier.

He then heard a voice, deep, mournful, echoing in his veins.

It was as if the mysterious figure was singing.

He then saw the soul leaving the body of the fallen soldier.

When the captain blinked again, the mysterious hooded figure, was standing in front of him.

"What was that song? The one you were singing" The captain asked.

"A song of the fallen." Death answered.

"It...It was so peaceful." The captain spoke. He felt as if he could still hear that song in his ears.

Death now moved closer to him.

"It's time to go my child. It's time to end all your sufferings." Death spoke again.

Deep in his heart, he wanted to go too. He wanted his sufferings to end. But, how can he leave when there is no one left to save these people. "I cannot go. These people need me." The captain pleaded.

Death spread its arms and started singing the song of the fallen.

"Please...Please give me a last chance!" The captain tried in vain but those were only his last words as he too gently drifted into his final sleep.

When there was silence for a long time, the enemy troop realised that the war is finally over and they have won. They started marching towards the bridge for one final assault.

When most of the enemy troop were on the bridge, one of the fallen soldier opened his eyes, his heart beating again.

The bullet which pierced his heart before was lying there, shining in his hand.

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