A Dog's Tale
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Story of an unexpected friendship between two lone creatures.

A Dog's Tale

It was a nice summer evening.

A man was taking a stroll through the park when he sensed that he was being followed.

For a brief time, he didn't bother to look back. Partly because he was still trying to figure out in his head what he will do next once he know the identity of his stalker.

But then he decided it was time and so he braced himself and turned around to confront.

Almost a foot in height, sitting on all four of his paws, his tail wagging from left to right, his tongue out to feel the freshness of the air and a wide smile resting on his face.

For a brief moment they both remain rooted at their spot.

"Go away!" the man shouted once he realised that his face was not enough to scare this creature away,

which usually works for other creatures like humans.

But this dog ignored his stern look as he was preoccupied in licking his paws.

Finding himself out of ideas, the man continued his stroll while the dog continued to follow him like his own silhouette.

Just to surprise the dog, the man started running suddenly but like a true disciple, the dog copied.

Within no time the man was out of breath, but the dog seems to be enjoying himself out there,

and so does the people observing this man and the dog. They cheered the dog which seem to further annoy the man.

When finally he was completely tired, he sat down on a bench while the dog sat beside him on the ground like his personal bodyguard.

"I have to get rid of him" the man thought.

He took a stick which was fallen from the nearby tree and waved it at the dog.

Naturally the dog was aware of this game and so he nodded his head in approval.

The man aimed and then threw the stick as far as he could and the dog immediately ran after to fetch it back.

After searching through the bushes, the dog successfully found the stick and went back happily holding the stick between his teeth.

But, once he reached the bench again, he found the bench empty.

As the dog left to fetch the stick back, the man walked out of the park and went back to his home with a grin on his face.

After reaching his home, he went inside to take a nice long nap.

But to his dismay, his sleep got disturbed by the noise of children playing outside his house.

He put on his slippers and walked outside feeling irritated.

The kids were playing cricket outside. As one of the kid hit the ball, the ball went rolling towards him.

He picked the ball and was ready to throw it back but before he could, he saw the kids running away from him once they saw his face.

He threw the ball away and slammed the door behind in anger.


His sleep got disturbed a second time.

This time by a loud noise. As he peeped outside the window, he saw that it was raining outside.

He shut down the windows and crawl back to his bed.

But even though he tried his best to sleep, still sleep evaded him. Something was clearly bothering him.

He put on his slippers again and took out the umbrella from the cupboard. He was ready to go out again now.

Once he went outside he realised that he was still under prepared even though he had an umbrella as the rain was pouring down heavily now.

But he had no choice other than to leave. He walked slowly towards his destination, trying his best to protect himself from getting wet.

"Why on earth I am doing this!" he was talking to himself as he walked.

Once he reached the park, he saw that the front gate was locked.

"Oh C'mon!" he exclaimed.

He started climbing up the wall of the park, while trying to hold the umbrella in his other hand but the umbrella could barely cover part of his head while the rest of his body was fully exposed to the rain.

But somehow he managed to successfully climb over the wall, his clothes soaking wet now, his arms and legs bruised while his body tired from exhaustion.

After climbing down, he began his search.

But after searching thoroughly, he still couldn't find a single trace of any living thing in the entire park.

Finally he went over to the bench where he was sitting earlier in the day.

As he went near the bench, he heard a faint trembling sound, coming from under the bench.

So he glanced under the bench and then there he was.

His tail still wagging from left to right.

His tongue still out.

A wide smile still resting on his face.

And a wooden stick carefully placed beside him.

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