Eye Contact
Eye Contact
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aaexthetically I love reading and writing. Who doesn't
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Hazel Newman is a blind 22-year-old finally given the chance to see for just one week. What will life be like for that one week will she fall in love or regret seeing the cruel punishments of the world she lives in?

By: aaexthetically

Eye Contact

by aaexthetically

"Wake up Hazel It's 5:25 am."

"The 6:30 am train will be departing early today"

"If you want to catch it you must be out of the door by 6:25 am"

"Wait, Angelica, Repeat"

I jump up as fast as I could staring at my tv

"Wake up Hazel It's 5:29 am."

"The 6:30 am train will be departing early today"

"If you want to catch it you must be out of the door by 6:25 am"

" Oh, Sh*t, Oh Sh*t I'm gonna be late, I'm gonna be late boss will fire me"

Frantically I pick up my White cane and tap my way to the bathroom.

"Angelica turn on the lights"

Knowing by the flash of light I can tell Angelica responded to my response

I go ahead and feel for the bathroom doorknob and turn it.

"Tap Tap Tap"

My White cane makes these soothing noises as I walk to the sink.

Reachin to the sink lets me put my white cane to rest and I lean it against the closed toilet.

Not far but close enough to reach in case I need it.

Reaching for my toothpaste and toothbrush I turn on the faucet.

Leaking water. Another soothing sound I like to hear.

As a visually impaired person, I depend on my 5 senses more because it gives me security and a sense of safeness

While brushing my teeth I tune out and start daydreaming which I tend to do a lot of these days.

What would it be like having the ability to see?

Are my eyes the color of my name?

Seeing for myself of what I look like instead of depending people pitying

Me with the words " Pretty", "Cute", and "Vibrant".

"Hazel it's 5:46 am."

" Are you on track for catching the train?"

"If you are you should be in the shower"

"Blink Blink"

I tune back in and hear the faucet still running oh no im brushing my teeth

"What's wrong with me"

I mumble quietly to my self so Angelica can't overhear

"Angelica how much time left?"

I ask.

Finally washing out my mouth with Listerine

Angelica responds with

"23 minutes"

Stripping out of my pajamas I walk into the shower

"Angelica turn on shower"

The water powerfully hits my face and I jump a little

"Angelica decrease water pressure"

She complies and I start to relax until I hear angelica start counting down the time again

"Hazel you have two minutes to catch the train."

I groan and wash the soap off finishing off my shower

"Angelica turn off the shower"

She complies then proceeds to tell me I have missed my train.

Groaning in frustration I step out of the shower and grab my white cane and walk to my bedroom to call my boss.

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